the no-no ingredient list

We do our homework so you don’t have to. The precautionary principle guides some of our thought here: even if we’re not 100% certain an ingredient is harmful, if we don’t need it and there is some evidence to suggest it could be problematic, we avoid it. We are always open to new information — please feel free to ask questions (on email or in person) and share what you know with us.

Here are the ingredients you will NOT find at Cleenland:

  • parabens: Certain parabens have been linked to hormone disruption so we don’t carry products containing any of them.

  • phthalates: Also hormone disruptors.

  • ammonia: Highly toxic to aquatic animals and an irritant to human eyes as well as respiratory and digestive tracts.

  • chlorine bleach: An irritant almost everywhere it can contact your body — eyes, mouth/throat, respiratory system, skin. And when ammonia and chlorine meet, chlorine gas is created which can be fatal. Let’s not, huh?

  • petrolatum and paraffin: Petroleum and paraffin are derived from fossil fuels and we’re not about that life.

  • phosphates: Phosphates are fine for humans but detrimental to ecosystems so they are a no-go. Phosphates in cleaning products = more phosphorus in water run-off (even after it’s treated) = increased algae growth (phosphorus is their food) and resulting algae death = bacteria break down the organic material into inorganic material which uses up oxygen, depleting the waterway of the dissolved oxygen all other species need to survive. This process is called eutrophication. ARG!

  • artificial colors and fragrances: “Artificial fragrance” is frequently made of parabens or used to mask other questionable ingredients so we steer clear. There are plenty of lovely essential oils and other plant-derived scents to choose from. Currently, we don’t carry anything meant to impart color so best to steer clear of unnamed ingredients hiding behind artificial color.

Sarah Levy