stuff you need


For refill:



hand soap

body wash

body lotion

castile soap

tooth tabs

tooth salt

laundry detergent

laundry powder

all-purpose cleaner

dish soap

dishwasher detergent

stain and odor remover

oxygen bleach

pet shampoo

bath salts

facial scrub

clay mask

bug repellent


sunscreen (out of stock until next summer)

For keeps:

bar shampoo

bar conditioner

stain remover bar

bar soap

shave soap

lip balm

deodorant (cream + stick!)

toothbrush (adult + kids!)

tongue scraper

safety razors + razor blades

menstrual cup

cleaning brushes

sponge cloth

tote bag

on-the-go reusable utensils

compostable plates, bowls, cutlery

Vejibag vegetable crisper bag

silicone reusable storage bags

leak-proof stainless steel food storage containers

produce bags

bulk grain bags

beeswax food wrap

compostable food scrap bags

recycled garbage bags

without the waste